Disabled  adults deserve to be allowed to be as independent as  they can achieve….but in Missouri, it became a legal issue when husband became disabled and I couldn’t be there for disabled daughter…..and State Dept. Family Services TOOK Daughter…even though I had asked service agency for more assistance hours for her. Lawyer told me State was trying to claim NEGLIGENCE against me….but I HAD ASKED FOR HELP for daughter, so State couldn’t claim that.     In court,  State DFS said they started their investigation BECAUSE I DID NOT TAKE DAUGHTER TO A DOCTOR that DAUGHTER CHOOSE to NOT RETURN TO after one  visit.   She did not like him…, I ask you….is allowing her the right to choose her doctor breaking any laws?   GUESS not, because Court has accepted a Doctor that Daughter will go to.   Now, we just Pray that Doctor will accept Daughter as a new patient!   And WHO decides if a person goes to a doctor or not, anyway?  Do we no longer have “FREEDOM OF CHOICE”……hum….  Anyone have a current copy of the BILL OF RIGHTS that I can give to the State DFS Agency?


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