Bill of Rights

Freedom was taught to me to mean free to do things, so long as we did not infringe on the rights of others….but the bill or rights, as I understand, GUARANTEES American Citizens such things as… ” right to feel secure in their own home……..right to private conversation….right to choose own medical care, doctors, etc…..” These are just a few “rights” that can apparently be taken away from our citizens, as has happened to my daughter, through use of bad laws, in my opinion, in the State of Missouri. It really sounds unsettlingly like the Gestapo, from Germany, back in the World Wars, and days of Hitler. If anyone has had similar adverse occurrances to their loved ones, I’d love to hear from you. On behalf of all the “unfree persons” in our country who are unjustly being restricted and/or detained by our local governments, I feel we need to unite….to change the bad laws, and help guarantee our constitutional rights.


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