Mental Health Laws Need Changed.

Are you one of the persons imprisoned by pills?  If so, this is for you.  It has been my experience that  Mental Health Laws control you and your life, and persons caught up in the Mental Health System are not free.    You have no choice of Doctors, and the Doctors your State Caretakers take you to insist on medications, if you want them or not.  Sound familiar?   Then read on.  When a person is declared incompetent, they loose their rights. At least it seems that way in the State of Missouri.  This has become  the State of Misery, anyway.  For my family.   If you would like to join the fight against drugs and forced confinement that is becoming prevalent in the Mental Health Field, I’d like to hear from you.



4 thoughts on “Mental Health Laws Need Changed.

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  2. the mental health system law needs to be changed in north caroilna where i live they need to do away the court appointed guardians the group homes and sheltered workshops the judges and court appointed guardians are in cahoots with crooked lawyers and other officials they should not get funding to keep these programs going

    • The courts, and laws of most states now make it all legal, but it’s just a modern day form of Hitler trying to develop his “perfect” race. The laws were designed to protect from radically unstable persons…instead, they are now used to separate anyone with differences . It’s the NEW Descrimination!!!

  3. All those things should be eliminated, but the Psych “Doctors” and the Drug Manufacturers are responsible. It’s the modern way of ELIMINATING those who are different, and most states have laws that guarantee the continuance of the drugs, mental institutions and the “system”, all in the guise of “PROTECTING” the rest of us….in other words, Hitler’s still alive and well, trying to form the perfect people!!!

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