Freedom doesn’t exist for some.

We love our children, and can not understand when others are not accepting of their individualness.  Mine is developmentally disabled. As an adult, she bought a house.   I was helping her get settled in, and arranging for care service.   Made the mistake of asking a service agency for help.   That agency instigated a DFS investigation on her, and when my husband became disabled, the agency TOOK her. They said I could not take care of them both.   Husband has now deceased, so am trying to get daughter back.   I’m looking for persons who have also been mishandled by Mental Health Industry personnel.  


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    • The State had daughter REDIAGNOSED as now “Mentally Ill and Incapacitated”, Within 4 days of “TAKING” her, from that house, forcibly, before I could get in there to her. They placed her in a Psychiatric Ward, they held her “HEARING”…IN THE WArd, without notice to anyone. Then they took her social security, and took over her house…..That was over 4 years ago, now, and I’m still fighting them to get her released, so we CAN move from this messed up state! They have a state law here, that apparently allows these actions, as legal…and allows family to be shut off from the loved one. When discharged from the ward, they “hid” her in a group home for another month plus, and I found her…then they brought her home, but denied phone calls to me from her….totally Gastapo techniques in this state. The truth is she is developmentally disabled, from birth, and has been diagnosed, from birth, as developmentally disabled. To be honest, I do not know that the state has “disenfranchised ” her of her house…yet…they took it over, remodeled the bathroom to move a wheelchair user in, and made it a group home. Meanwhile we had a locally heavy rain downburst, and the house flooded, because they had remodeled the bathroom for the room-mate, instead of re-excavating around the house to correct negative water flow, and the house flooded. They moved daughter out, into one of their apartments, seeking her cooperation for the move, by telling her they would move her, temporarily, to get house fixed, then move her back home. Meanwhile “AUCTION” sign went up, in yard, before they got her moved out. She called me, to ask what the sign meant, and I told her the sign meant they wanted to sell the house. Mortgage company stepped in, and filed to attach house for whatever balance might still be owed if house sold for lesser money than what was owed…State filed (or tried to) to have house condemned… and judge told the state that if they sold it, anyway, they were responsible for the difference. I was “invited” to contribute $30,000 toward house repairs. I refused. Daughter now in controlled apartment, with 24/7 care takers, and do not know situation for house. Her “freedoms” are now non-existent, except they do now allow her phone calls (but phone is monitored, I believe, through county phone systems) I bought her a mobile, just so we could finally talk to each other,…( my account, my bill, and they let her keep it)…however, that phone, to my mobile phone, most calls shows as “3-way” calls…so I assume our connection is also monitored by the county. I have filed several class action complaints, with various departments of the federal government, since she is a” vulnerable” person,and, as such, figured she should have protection/support, from Federal laws. All were closed, no action, with their comment “it’s a state matter…NOT our concern”. Any ideas on how to proceed?? You can contact me, directly, at “”. Thanks, for your concern.

      • Horrible, absolutely horrible. I would do the following: get the names and contact numbers of your local and state legislators. Then start a petition to free your daughter from this, using the contact forms in the petition so that people just have a few things to write, not a lot, and aim for a reasonable number of signatures, say 50,000. I’m happy to help you with writing the petition if you need help.

        Go to the newspapers and television. Go to 60 minutes. Get interviewed on as many media sources as you can. This kind of draconian tactics shouldn’t exist. It’s a holdover from many barbaric laws that were on the books in Missouri that never got taken off, but just reinterpreted in this type of totally unconstitutional way.

        Get a lawyer who specializes in the rights of developmentally disabled people. That should be number one. But publicity is your best friend. This needs to be exposed to a wider world because it is unconstitutional, not to mention cruel and illegal.

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